Art is a passion we all know and love. Inside every person is an artist awaiting release. Sometimes the artist knows what they want, but doesn’t know how to bring it to reality. That is what we specialize in. Our process involves becoming familiar with your style; showing you our concept for your approval; refining the concept to match your desires as closely as possible (and practical); then actually building it!
We work in all mediums. Wood, stone, metal, plastic, glass, rubber, concrete…whatever fits the application best. With a strong engineering background, we have the ability to incorporate any available technology into your project. We make every effort to use the most reliable approach so your project will have a long, trouble-free service life. We’re very good at this and you are going to love the results!
We’ll even show you how we did it. Click the Instagram or YouTube links at the bottom of the page to see our latest efforts. Or click the yellow robot at the bottom of the page and you’ll see many of our projects featured on Instructables.com where we show step-by-step details of how to do it.

Marsh Wildman is an Artisan Technologist with a very strong science and engineering background and a passion for art. As an amateur radio operator, he developed a deep understanding of electronics and computers. Later as a welder/fabricator in a machine shop, he gained a strong knowledge of all things mechanical. With these skills under his belt, he became a millwright at a Cooperage where he built from scratch many automated production line machines. Each of which was custom tailored to a particular production line task.
Marsh has done everything from manufacture mechanical and electronic devices; intricate wood carvings; created beautiful metal sculptures; to delicate pencil sketches. When a challenge arises, he’ll learn a new skill to solve it. He does it for the love of solving a problem. Still working on the Rubik’s cube though.