Wildman Technology & Fabrication

Are you an amazing artist, but your latest idea involves technology you know nothing about? Perhaps you’re an entrepreneur with a great concept, but no factory to build it. You need someone who knows all about electronics, motors, gears, and technology.
You’ve come to the right place because that is exactly what we do! Give us your concept and we’ll bring it to life while adhering to the style you desire. We’ll even set up a production line if you like.
We manufacture and sell some really cool stuff too! Check out our store for really great gifts! You may even feel the urge to treat yourself when you see what’s there.


I was having trouble with the mechanics of a piece I had been working on and was getting further and further away from my vision until I met Marsh. He was able to streamline and troubleshoot the problems and contributed valuable solutions to the project. Working with Marsh was a great collaborative experience. If you’ve got creative ideas but are short on know-how, Marsh is your guy. ~ Ianna Nova Frisby, artist/popcrafter