About our YouTube

 About Our YouTube Channel

An integral part of our business is the WildmanTech YouTube channel. This is where we document most of what we do. We do NOT document prototype builds without permission of the consignee. We do show you how to build many of the things we sell and if you want to build and sell them too, feel free. Giving us credit for the idea would be nice too. Just don’t show at the same art show or craft fair as us and undercut our price by a couple bucks. In other words, don’t be a dick.

What will you see on our YouTube channel?

We make a lot of our own tools and equipment so you’ll documentary videos of those projects. We make things to sell at art shows and craft fairs so we share the builds of those things. When we do repairs and aren’t pressed for time, we’ll document those projects too. Finally, you’ll see me ranting about life, the universe and everything because people want to know who they’re dealing with. I do try to keep it germane to the business though. If you want a more personal view, check out my Personal YouTube Channel. I warn you though, there is some very bad singing there.

What kind of equipment do we use?

The equipment we use is in constant flux and unless we get a sponsor, I’m not inclined to advertise for tool manufactures. I’m partial to some of the equipment and you’ll hear me talk about it in passing, but I’m not promoting any particular brand. Most of the video is shot with a Nikon Point & Shoot camera, a Canon T5i, a GoPro and an Aiptek Camcorder. Editing is done on an iMac with Final Cut Pro.

Are we looking for collaborators and sponsors?

YES! If you’re a maker and have a YouTube channel, we are completely open to collaborating on a video with you! If you’re a potential sponsor, as long as your company is a good fit for us and what we do, we would love to talk to you about opportunities. We’re not going to sell mattresses or underwear though.